A downloadable game for Windows


This is a short game that can be beat on a break at work.  Initially we planned on this demo being on a much larger scale but decided to keep it short and gain some insight from players before delving any further. 


This game was made by Eric and Leonardo Jasso.
We used UE4 and created all of the assets, audio and scripting..


A mouse is required for the menu interaction during the story sequences.
Controllers are supported during the game mode.


Please leave a comment, any and all feedback is appreciated. 


Install instructions

Download, Unzip, Play


dolldo.zip 160 MB


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Haha, I love the game and the end really surprised me! It was super fun to play!

Thank you for your continued support! This was one of our first games when we first began developing and we enjoyed making it as well as playing it. 

A short a sweet game that was really good for a laugh! I really appreciate you guys bringing this game to my attention! and I can't wait to see what it turns into! 

Took me forever, hurricane happened, so I couldn't  get around to editing it, but it was a great short game, was made to fit a 15 mins or so break :D tried to see if there were other stories etc, was a great experience, and I am honored you guys reached out to me on twitter! keep doing what you guys do, and hopefully you guys will make more of these?! did say to be continued! :D I loved it, was hilarious, and bad parenting at it's finest, plus nature as it attacks me, I swear nature and me wont ever get along, glad to see that to be true, even in games haha. I had fun playing really! I'd like more! 

hey guys! I loved the game! The art style is on point. Can’t wait for the full release! 



Thanks for playing! Enjoyed the video, hope you play again when we update the game with part two.

definitely will man! Looking forward to it :D

Hope the next version has a few more things to do. Instead of just running away from a raccoon.


We are going to begin work on the next part soon and yes there will be more story and more things to do.  Thanks for playing and reviewing, your commentary is very funny, we enjoyed it very much!

Great! can't wait :D

Great game, not so great father figure.... Not sure how I feel about being mauled by a raccoon lol but I enjoyed it!

Thanks! We are glad you enjoyed it. We didn't really know what we were setting out to create when we made this game  but we are so happy that it's been so well received by players. We look forward to the next chapter of dolldo's story and do hope you'll come back to play when it's available.

Hello! This game is great! It's fun, creative, quick, and sweet! I love it and can't wait to see it

 when it's done!

Thank you so much for fitting our game into your schedule! We are glad you enjoyed the humor we instilled and we look forward to continuing with this project as feed back has been really well received.  Hope you play the future installments!

I'll be looking forward to playing it in the future!

Hi! I actually played this game and style is so creative! (but music is too repetitive)

I hope you'll do something bigger (maybe some house chores game in this style?) 

More in my video :)

Thank you so much for playing! We really enjoyed your video  review and we are taking all advice and suggestions into consideration for future installments of "dolldo".  Raccoons are scary!

Good luck :)

Nice and neat game you made. Enjoyed the humor and the slapstick comedy, keep up the good work! And f*ck raccoons.

I made a video here:

if you want to check, best of luck for your future projects, cheers!

Wanted to thank you so much fro playing, we enjoyed your comedic commentary and look forward to seeing more videos of great games on your channel. 

Very cool little game. My thoughts on the game at the end of the video. Thanks for the invite to play your game!

Youtuber: ForgedByGames

Really digging your channel. Thanks for helping out us indies and giving us a platform to be reviewed on for those interested in playing. The video was great!

Thank you I appreciate it! And no problem. I've done some game development myself and I know how challenging it can be (I even released a mobile game that got over 50,000 downloads a few years back). You guys need anything else reviewed or replayed when you get more done you know where to find me! XD

I really liked it! Short, unique, and some good comedy. Great job! Will make a more in-depth review on my site in the next few days. 

Thank you so much for playing  our game. Initially we had planned on this demo being on a much larger scale but we wanted to keep it short and gain some insight from players before delving any further.  We are very appreciative of your feedback and with it we hope to lay down the groundwork for a larger scale version of the game. 

You're welcome. It was wonderful. I am excited to play the larger version of it!