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New Updated Post Jam Version Here!  https://goodenoughgang.itch.io/hyper-d-prototype


2019 Summer Jam entry #UE4JAM   (Theme: Make It Count)

  • Team: Good Enough Gang
  • Eric Jasso ericjasso@ymail.com
  • Leonardo Jasso ljasso619@gmail.com
  • Submission: GoodEnoughGang_HyperD

All content except for the music was made by us.  Sound effects were cut from the Soundly library (provided for jam) and edited for the game.

Drive around in a hyper car propelled by the energy of other vehicles on the road.

How To Play

  • Move the car using WASD or the D-Pad on your controller.
  • Collect hyper speed from other cars, and add time to your clock.  See if you can make it to the Eclipse before the time runs out.
  • "Make it Count" when you hit other cars to boost your cars speed and add time to your clock.

Install instructions

Just Unzip, download and play


GoodEnoughGang_HyperD.zip 125 MB

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