A downloadable game for Windows


Sandy needs help getting across the street.  All the other crabs want to get across the street too.  My guess is that there is a Dance Party at the beach!

IGDA San Diego 2020 Game Game Entry

Created By:

  • Eric Jasso
  • Leonardo Jasso

How To Play

Controller - Use The Analog Sticks To Move

Keyboard - Use WASD to move


CrabGameSDGJ2020.zip 112 MB


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Well done lads, charming but a bit grim seeing how few of them live to dance with you.

Here’s a patch to make it work on Windows 7 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xHVUNkNYGsJ5V5k-8PlIOc-LM6KNOyIv/view?usp=sharing

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You my friend, are the man! Thanks bud!

Amazing game dev i wish it was longer , i hope you enjoy my gameplay :D 

Thanks so much for playing! We made this game for a 48 hour game jam so we had to keep it short, we had planned to add birds swooping down from the sky to pick you up and take you away to eat you.

Oh this is gonna be great adding features for this game would make it amazing